If you can’t find the answers here please contact us at: info@mds-ltd.co.uk

How do I apply?

Go to the ‘Apply‘ tab and complete our online application form. If you are unable to complete the form online, please contact us and we will send you a form to complete.

What does MDS Ltd look for when selecting Management Trainees?

Evidence of personal qualities… an understanding of the meaning of ‘taking responsibility’, a willingness to learn from your own actions and mistakes and an ability to initiate not just imitate and improve. Your style of management will respect the contribution of those around you, and you will be realistic in setting goals and targets, for yourself and others, and able to meet them (or understand why not).

How good is the ‘off-the-job’ training?

Second to none’ may be a cliche but we have many testimonials to this effect. The one thing we can guarantee is that the programme will feel very different from university lectures – it’s also great fun!

What will MDS give me that a full-time job in one company would not?

Some people are more confident about learning within one organisation but for others, the challenge of learning to manage and get good results in a commercial environment is best-achieved by putting their skills to the test in a variety of settings. In this way, they are faced with different people, cultures, products and systems – all within two years. MDS gives you the chance to learn management skills quickly and to test them out in different jobs and different companies.

What hours can I expect to work?

Hours of work depend on your secondment responsibilities, the type or role and the business needs of the company.

Does MDS make a profit?

No. MDS is a non-profit making co-operative, registered as a Friendly Society with the Financial Services Authority.

What is the holiday entitlement?

You are entitled to 28 days holiday per year including bank holidays.

Is there a deadline for applications to the programme?

We welcome applications at any time, and interview for positions throughout the year. Start dates are Spring or Autumn each year.

Am I guaranteed a job when I finish MDS?

There are no absolute guarantees, but virtually all our successful trainees have progressed on to the kind of jobs they aspired to at the start. It is fair to say that for many of them, their aspirations on leaving university alter dramatically, once they realise what they are capable of in terms of managerial responsibility. They often surprise themselves at the quality of their first full-time post, as potential employers have confidence in their ability and knowledge of the industry achieved through the MDS programme.