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What makes a good secondment?

The biggest difference comes from the relationship between the management trainee and the secondment manager. The most beneficial secondments for all sides are those where the trainee receives good induction and initial training, has clear responsibilities and objectives and receives regular, constructive feedback on their performance and development.

Can I choose the trainee for my secondment?

MDS co-ordinates the secondments to ensure all management trainees receive as broad an experience as possible. Secondments are matched carefully with management trainees to achieve a balance between their previous experience, development needs and the needs of the Member company. It is important to remember MDS offers a training programme and therefore trainees must be given the opportunity to gain new experience and develop new skills.

How does the recruitment element work?

Member companies have access to trainees who have completed the programme as soon as membership is approved. Management trainees cannot be recruited while they are part-way through the programme. As they near completion, their details are circulated to all Members. A ‘transfer fee’ is payable by Members who recruit a trainee in this way, as an investment into the future of the programme.