Adrian Scripps: Meet the Member

Adrian Scripps: Meet the Member

Adrian Scripps

Kent-based fruit grower and packer Adrian Scripps Ltd joined MDS in March 2020.

James  Simpson, Managing Director  said, as a business, they were finding it increasingly challenging to recruit the calibre they need. He had considered establishing his own graduate training programme with three other similar companies in the region but realised that it would be costly in time and money to resource it:

“We have been looking at how we can accelerate recruitment in the home market as we are finding it more and more difficult to recruit the right people into our business, partly due a declining interest in a career in the sector and to the limitations imposed by Brexit on employing foreign staff.”

Why MDS?

“What attracted me to MDS is that they have an established model that works. They have the talent pool and a well proven formula for developing graduates interested in the trade. Before we even see an application, they have whittled it down to the top 5%, saving us valuable time and recruitment fees, and it’s been great to have extra resource at this time to help us focus on keeping the business moving in the right direction.”

Their first Trainee, Ruby Powel, has a degree in Agri-Food Marketing and Business, and is leading the integration of a new software system into the business.

“It’s been great to have the Ruby to dedicate to this project which will improve the overall efficiency of our operations,” said Mr Simpson.