Engineering: MDS Pathways

Engineering is a crucial to food production. At MDS we recruit Trainees from a huge range of degree categories. On the grad-scheme you will get the opportunity to experience a range of roles, regardless of your degree and experience. Here’s how group 48 Trainee, Ivan Erviti, utilised the skills he developed on his Engineering degree while on the MDS grad scheme.

What made you decide to study Engineering at university?

Choosing to study Food Engineering was the result of different topics I was interested in during my time at secondary school. I started to focus on my nutrition and, at the same time, I wanted to study engineering because I felt it would be a big challenge. If you added to the formula the fact that I am a food lover, you would agree that choosing Food Engineering was inevitable.

Why did you apply to the MDS graduate scheme?

When I came across the MDS graduate scheme, I completely fell in love with the programme. Firstly, I had always wanted to work for different companies and in a wide range of roles. Doing this in the early stages of my career has helped me to find my place within the industry. Secondly, I was also attracted by the idea of developing and honing my management skills through training to become a future leader in the industry.

How has your Engineering degree helped you on the MDS graduate scheme?

My course was heavily aimed at developing my technical skills. This has allowed me to contribute greatly on the technical aspects of my projects, from working on the layout of a manufacturing facility, to understanding how agrotechnology can be developed. Additionally, during my time at university, I developed a great deal of discipline and persistence that help me to be resilient.

Why is the food and fresh produce industry such a great career choice for all graduates?

I strongly believe that young people are key in this industry. We need to learn how to produce high quality foods for a growing population in a sustainable way. Young people analyse problems from an innovative perspective. They show great conviction to make a positive and sustainable impact on the environment. The food industry is a great career choice for young people who want to take advantage of their skills and make a real change in the world.

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