Engineering is crucial to food production. At MDS we recruit Trainees from a huge range of degree categories. On the grad scheme you will get the opportunity to experience a range of roles, regardless of your degree or experience. Here’s how group 47 Trainee, Jordan Huggett utilised the skills he developed on his Chemical Engineering degree while on the MDS grad scheme.

What made you decide to study Chemical Engineering at university?

During my A-levels, I was unsure of the exact course I wanted to study, however, I knew my favourite two subjects were maths and chemistry. After further research, I decided that Chemical Engineering would suit my knowledge, skills and interest. I was drawn to Loughborough University with its diverse range of modules, integrated masters option and the opportunity to conduct a research project abroad.

What made you decide to apply to the MDS graduate scheme?

I decided that I wanted to work in fast-moving consumer goods due to the continuous improvement, adoption of new technology and the logistical processes involved. I studied a food engineering module and took this further when I conducted my research project in food manufacturing. This experience drew me to the food industry, but I was keen to experience a variety of roles across the supply chain. The MDS scheme, therefore, stood out due to the variety of roles and the broad range of experiences it offered.

How has your Chemical Engineering degree helped you on the MDS graduate scheme?

During my Chemical Engineering degree, attention to detail was always an essential part of our work. This skill has continued on the scheme where food safety standards and procedures must be followed. I also studied business management and operational management modules. The commercial awareness which these modules brought me have been particularly important while I move through the four secondments. The variety of degree content and assessments taught me to adapt my working style and fit any environment. This skill has been particularly important on the MDS scheme, where moving companies every 6 months requires a similar approach.

Why is the food and fresh produce industry such a great career choice for graduates?

The industry offers young people a huge range of opportunities and insights into how food makes it onto our plate. We have a resilient industry that has seen plenty of change. It will innovate, but it will continue to focus on the basics of growing good quality produce near to consumers. The exciting changes, alongside the necessity of eating, create a stimulating, growing and sustainable industry, perfect for young people.

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