MDS Pathways: Language Skills for Agri-Food Careers

Arunima joined the MDS Graduate Scheme in 2021 after completing a French and Linguistics degree at the University of Oxford. She comes from a non agri-food background and has transferred the skills she developed on her studies to support Members.

Why did you study a languages degree?

I’ve always loved languages. It’s amazing being able to communicate with people from different places and learn about their culture. I was also really interested in the system behind languages in general. It’s so complex for something we learn so easily and use every day! I was able to build a lot of skills on my languages degree.

Why did you apply to the MDS graduate scheme?

I know that I’m adaptable and quite open to new experiences and different ways of doing things, which is such a big part of the MDS experience. I’d had no previous experience in the agri-food sectors but that hasn’t held me back. Although I’m still picking up the industry knowledge, I really like learning and seeing if I can bring in new ideas from an industry outsider’s perspective.

How have you been able to utilise your skills?

The communication skills I picked up have certainly helped in my day to day role. Learning languages requires you to take in and retain so much information, which has helped me learn more effectively in my job. I think one of the best parts about MDS and the agri-food sectors is that you don’t need an agri-food background, a degree or specific work experience to succeed! Being able to bring in a fresh perspective is really valued as it’s how we are solving the challenges around food production.

What would you say to someone considering a career in the industry?

It may be different to what you would expect to do after a languages degree, or any degree/ previous work experience for that matter, but fresh produce is an industry with so much opportunity and growth. With such a variety of roles, there’s always a niche for whatever your interests may be.

Join MDS: Not just for graduates

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