Meet the Team: Kenny Brown- Communications Lead

Meet the Team: Kenny Brown- Communications Lead

In this blog, the latest edition to the Meet the Team series, we spoke to Kenny Brown to find out more about his journey to MDS and advice for Trainees.

You have recently joined MDS; what was your previous job and what did you learn from it? 

Before joining MDS, I worked at The Woodland Trust as the Membership Communications Manager. During my time there I supported membership retention for 300,000 people, ensuring satisfaction, engagement, and long-term commitment. I managed all key stakeholders, led fundraising activities, and produced all the digital and physical communications. 

What excites you most about the agricultural industry? 

I spent most of my career pursuing different roles, across several industries, to find what truly makes me happy and helps produce my best work. I spent just under a year working with Crop Protection UK (Now CropLife UK), in which I fell in love with everything the agricultural industry brings. However, throughout my career, I have become an effective communicator who can make a difference through a variety of marketing activities. The opportunity to join MDS provided me with an opportunity to really immerse myself in the agricultural industry, in a role that unlocks all my communicative creativity. 

What role does MDS have to play in creating the future leaders of the agri-food industry? 

MDS’ role in creating future leaders of the agri-food industry is fundamental. We are the foremost provider of management training for the sector and have seen over 600+ alumni take on leadership opportunities throughout the supply chain. With 69 industry-leading Member companies it is pivotal that we continue to create a pipeline of well trained, capable leaders to help them innovate and elevate their position within the sector. By the continuation of our programmes, we can continue to have an immense impact in creating the future leaders of food. 

How does being the Communications Lead promote MDS Trainees? 

As the Communications Lead it is important for me to form close relationships with the MDS Trainees. In doing this, I can promote the skillsets of each individual Trainee, their experience and the impact they make with our Members. I am able to promote Trainees to our Members and the wider industry through our events, newsletters, social media, website and many other means of communications. With so many ongoing campaigns at any one time the Trainees can quite literally present themselves – and their MDS journey – to the agri-food industry. 

What skills do you hope to bring to the position?  

With a career in many different sectors, covering an array of communicative and marketing positions, I bring a wealth of experience that will help MDS, our Members and Trainees, to heighten their position within the industry. Throughout my career I have developed an array of skills in different roles that will enable me to support MDS in improving our professional pipeline that has led us to where we are today. 

What advice would you give to the new Trainee group, about to join MDS? 

At a recent event I sat with Trainees, and they asked me if I had any advice; I told them about how many amazing opportunities were about to come their way. Although I have only just joined MDS, I can see that there is an abundance of knowledge and networking potential in front of them and that they should make the most of every single second as the time will fly by, a sentiment often echoed by some of our alumni. 

If you could time-travel to a point in history, where would you go to and why?  

It took me longer than I would have liked to realise how magnificent this industry really is and why I see myself working in it for years to come. If I could time-travel to any point in history, it would be back to when I graduated, and I would’ve enrolled as an MDS Trainee myself. I have loved every aspect of my career, but if I’d of had the opportunity that Trainees have in front of them, I would have got to enjoy many more years in the industry.