Psychology Degree: MDS Pathways

You don’t have to study agriculture or have experience in fresh produce to apply to the MDS graduate scheme! We take on Trainees from a vast range of degree backgrounds. Here’s how group 49 Trainee, Sophie Reay utilised the skills she developed on her Psychology degree.

What made you decide to study a Psychology at university?

“I had enjoyed it as an A-Level subject and felt it was a broad and diverse subject which would provide me with a range of knowledge and opportunity within it. The subject matter is extremely varied and applicable to many areas of work and it allowed me to gain a wide range of skills which I knew would equip me for a career in any line of work.”

What made you decide to apply to the MDS graduate scheme?

“I was first introduced to the MDS graduate scheme at a university careers fair. The programme stuck with me as a grad-scheme I wanted to be a part of ever since. I was particularly attracted to the structure of the scheme, allowing Trainees to experience a range of roles in a number of notable companies. As a newbie to the industry I knew this would be a great way for me to explore my interests in a career in food and fresh produce in a way no other scheme would provide.”

How has your Psychology degree helped you on the MDS graduate scheme?

“Psychology is a people-based subject, which makes it extremely relevant and applicable to any job but particularly a management role. I explored a wide range of psychology from scientific areas such as neuroscience to much more commercial areas like consumer psychology.  I have found that areas such as consumer and work psychology have been a huge benefit to me in working within the industry. It has given me insights into areas such as consumer decision making and influence.  The statistics and analytical skills I gained on my degree have been a benefit for me in being able to work comfortably with numbers. These skills are particularly useful in my current operations and logistics secondment role.”

Why should people choose a career in food and fresh produce?

“The food and fresh produce industry is dynamic, fast paced and ever changing. These aspects make it a hugely exciting career for young people. The importance of the industry has been highlighted more than ever, during the pandemic which has put pressures on every aspect of people’s lives. We have come to appreciate the important things in life, one of which as a necessity to all is food. The industry is constantly changing to meet new demands and changing needs. It is one of the few industries which reaches the entire population – it is relevant to everyone. With new ideas, technologies and developments constantly taking place how can it not be a great career choice?”

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