Shah’s Blog: Virtual Interview Tips

Shah’s Blog: Virtual Interview Tips

Why the Food and Fresh Produce industry?

The food and fresh produce industry is entering a new technological age! Sustainability projects, meat-free innovations, robots and software advancements are just some of the exciting projects that you may not have associated with food and agriculture in the past. The industry is looking for driven individuals to make a real difference to the world of food. No two-days are the same and there are opportunities for every skill set. The MDS graduate scheme is the best route into the food and fresh produce industry! MDS is the perfect choice for future focused graduates who thrive under pressure and are up for the challenge of a fast paced environment. But don’t take our word for it! Group 48 Trainee Shahrukh Farrakh tells you all about why the MDS graduate scheme is so great in his #MDSFutures and gives you some video interview tips in his video blog.

Follow Shah’s Virtual Interview tips

  • Research: Thoroughly research the programme, the level 5 training, MDS Members and the industry
  • Leave a good impression: Treat the virtual interview and assessment centre like you are attending in person, dress smartly, join on time and come prepared
  • Ask questions: Always come prepared with a good question to ask at the end of your interview, this shows you are an eager candidate and have a real passion for the graduate scheme
  • No distractions: Carry out the call in a quiet room with minimal distractions and make sure your background is clear
  • Relax: MDS are not trying to trip you up, we’re here to help you

Think you’re up for the challenge? Find out more here.

Due to high demand we have additional positions available in Spring 2021!