Trainee Blog: Emma Chapter 1

Trainee Blog: Emma Chapter 1

Chapter One – Starting My Journey: Emma Howes

An Introduction:

Hello, my name is Emma, I’m 23 years old from Warwickshire. I graduated, almost a year ago now, from the University of Northampton with a degree in Business Studies. I love reading, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the countryside and mastering the perfect sourdough loaf. I’m going to be documenting the entirety of my MDS journey from start to finish as you watch me develop as a Trainee Manager, see what I get up to, where I move across the 4 secondments, and where I finish!

What Is My Current Role:

I am currently on my 1st secondment with Syngenta UK part of the Marketing Communications role I am the Digital Communication Specialist. The role entails the management of Syngenta UK’s digital channels including creating and scheduling content, overseeing the data analytics and improving the engagement across all channels. The role also includes content creation for their internal newsletter and podcast, and so many other opportunities for me to get involved in – including events, different marketing campaigns, and one-off projects. I have a lot of freedom within the role and it’s allowed me to explore marketing as a department fully whilst giving me exposure to project management, people management, analytics and strategic planning.

My Experience So Far:

It has been different! I have started my MDS journey under lockdown and it has required me to be adaptable and responsive to changes. Working remotely and Zoom calls are the new normal, but I have enjoyed every minute so far, despite the challenges. I was lucky enough to attend a Meet The Trainees event in January before I began my placement, and so that was a great introduction to the scheme and how these next 2 years are going to look for me.


I am currently working on an exciting digital campaign that has enabled me to people and project manage whilst really tapping into my creative skills! Also, the many Zoom socials that I have had with my current team at Syngenta UK have been particularly fun (mainly because I won one of the quizzes).


I have genuinely really enjoyed every second so far, despite it being from a desk in my bedroom (I am not biased, I promise!) One thing that I have struggled with is something that I think a lot of Group 47 will have struggled with and that is being able to form a proper relationship with my peers, and with my colleagues. Technology has been great during lockdown, but I am definitely missing out on the coffee breaks & the lunch time catch-ups.

What Am I Looking Forward To:

Short term, I am so excited to be able to hopefully return to the office and finally work alongside my colleagues! Long term, I am excited for all of the unknown knowledge that I am yet to learn, the secondments that I am yet to be placed into, the challenges that are going to develop me as an individual, and all of the people I am yet to meet. This really is just the beginning and there’s so much more for me to discover so the unknown is something that I’m excited to head into, but also apprehensive about.