Trainee Factfile: Louise

Trainee Factfile: Louise

Is MDS what you expected and why?

No- it’s better!! I knew what MDS was and some of the experiences past trainees have had on it, however I hadn’t fully appreciated the range of opportunity you get though. I’ve had a supply chain coordinator role, technical role and buying assistant role so far, in citrus and stone fruit, salads and then berries! Also the training course at Cranfield is a great bonus which has been introduced to the scheme since I started.

Can you explain how you have you found relocating for each secondment?

Relocating each 6 months has been surprisingly smooth so far. I have used mostly. I have enjoyed finding out about different parts of the UK- I lived in Kent for my first secondment. I had never been there before so it was exciting to explore.

How have you settled into the local area?

To settle into the areas I’ve been placed I’ve made friends at work for example. They tend to be local to the area and can recommend places to go and things to do. Other than that I’ve joined the gym and explored local attractions such as Ely Cathedral in Cambridgeshire.