What makes a Leader? – Integrity

Today marks the fourth day of our #AgriLeadershipWeek2024. 

“If you believe in unlimited quality and act in all your business dealings with total integrity, the rest will take care of itself.” Frank Perdue’s words say it all when it comes to integrity. Integrity is often built by sticking to your values, and what’s right, no matter what external factors occur. 

It means sticking to these values and principles even when alone. Whether you are working from home, alone on the farm, or closed away working on a project, even if nobody sees your performance, it’s integral to know you are giving your best to yourself and your team. 

Integrity is about being accountable, being respectful, and always doing what’s right no matter what work – or life – throws at you. 

Integrity is a key component of leadership and is often one of the first things people are looking for when it comes to employing them. 

Those with integrity can be relied upon, can be trusted and can be a vital part of the workforce. 

Ask yourself, do you always stick to your values? Do you work in the same capacity in front of others as you would when working alone? Try to implement this way of working for even a day and watch Perdue’s wise words above ring true.  

MDS has partnered with TIAH and others to bring Agri Leadership Week to fruition.