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Trainee Factfile: Jonathan

  • Trainee Futures
 – 18.12.2018

So far, MDS for me has been a vast collection of new experiences and changing environments. I’m currently on my fourth and final secondment and up to now my roles have consisted of: planning in a large fresh and prepared food supplier, marketing in a growing and exciting crop protection business, leading teams of people in food production, and now commercial in an ever-changing and rapidly growing horticultural enterprise. During this almost two-year journey I have lived as far as Chichester on the south coast to Livingston in Scotland. The relocating and changing jobs has been challenging at times, but I have found so far that the high points, personal growth and development, far outweigh the difficult parts of the MDS experience.

I am a graduate in History, which doesn’t necessarily link so closely to a fresh produce and supply chain management scheme. I have always known, however, that I have a passion for good food and an interest in the behind the scenes journey that food and produce takes to reach our tables. When I applied I was also attracted to the variety of secondments offered and the potential to be placed in positions with some managerial responsibility as a recent graduate hoping to launch my career. Now, as I am reaching the end of my MDS journey I have found new passions and interests in areas I hardly considered pre-MDS. I enjoy working with people, learning new ways of working from others and building positive professional relationships. Marketing and PR, commercial and account management stand out to me as areas I would like to pursue a career in and develop the skills I have been building during my time in my four secondments. I would recommend MDS to any recent graduate looking to explore their career opportunities in a fast-paced and captivating industry.

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