Steve Carter

General Manager, Fleurie Nursery

Steve is responsible for overseeing the day to day management of Fleurie Nursery with a regular workforce of 46, rising to 75 with seasonals during our peak period of March-July. There are four production sites, all in the Barnham area of West Sussex, the smallest is just 3 acres, whilst the largest covers 22acres. Fleurie supplies ~5M pots through Farplants Sales Ltd nationwide to Garden Centre and multiple retailers. The portfolio covers ~150 ranges, including 0.5M Nemesia, 1.7M patio plants and over 1000 varieties. With the directors of the various businesses across the group he formulates the strategy, plans for the future and sets the direction of the group’s activities. Steve has worked with MDS as a secondment manager since 2019 and has been a great supporter of the programme and the Trainees. He was also a trainee himself at the start of his career in 1994.