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Our members are varied in size and cover a range of sectors in our industry. Together they enable us to provide a variety of experiences for our trainees and work in collaboration to develop a future leadership pipeline. Find more information about our members here. You can browse by location on the map or by sector

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Dyson Farming

Dyson Farming is a family-owned business, with a vision to benefit future generations through a commitment to commercially viable and environmentally sustainable food production at scale. They strive to be industry leaders in efficient, carbon neutral, high technology food production, employing highly skilled, pioneering people and supported by research and development in ever-closer partnership with […]

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Carr’s Billington

Carr’s Billington Agriculture is a subsidiary company of The Billington Group. The business provides rural and agricultural communities with the support they need to succeed, ranging from a healthier herd or flock, increased yields, faster growth rates or simply a good return on their land. The organisation is segmented into four areas; machinery, fuels, feed […]

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Global Pacific Food Group

Global Pacific are pioneers of direct fresh produce supply into the UK and European markets, with over 20 years of trading experience. They have a proven track record of delivering commercial benefits to customers, developing long term relationships with growers and packers around the world. Global Pacific export more than 15 million cases of fruit […]

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Vitacress take great pride in being one of Europe’s leading suppliers of watercress, leafy salads, spinach and fresh herbs.

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EKHO Fresh is a joint venture between Minor Wier and Willis & Greenyard Fresh, with MWW being the larger shareholder. EKHO Fresh is a specialist business focusing on driving volume through our core categories, in particular stonefruit & topfruit. We continue to be recognised and respected for our industry expertise. EKHO Fresh cover apples, pears, […]

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Groobarb Wild Farms (Groobox)

Groobarb grow and deliver our vegetables to the local communities, bringing it back to local and away from commercial supermarkets.

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Agrovision is one of the world’s leading and fastest-growing producers and year-round suppliers of superfruits. We are a founder-led company with a mission to transform lives across the entire value chain and a vision to redefine our industry through the deployment of cutting-edge technology at scale. Our vertically integrated model – from our farms to your […]

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Established in 1993, GRIMME UK is a sales and service subsidiary of the GRIMME brand, known for its potato, beet and vegetable technology. GRIMME UK works both in collaboration with a dealer network and in some areas directly with customers through GRIMME’s retail outlets in Lincolnshire, Shropshire, Yorkshire and Scotland. The development of these sites […]

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The Green House Growers

The Green House Growers started as a small family business in 1977 but has developed rapidly, now set to grow over 12% of the UK’s tomatoes and 10% of the UK’s cucumbers in the next few years. Despite such significant growth, the business remains true to its values. The Green House Growers has continued to […]

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EC Drummond Group

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British Sugar

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The Summer Berry Company

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ISS Produce

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J Sainsburys

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WM Morrison Supermarkets

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We cultivate more than crops. The skills and capabilities of our people make us what we are today: an industry leader. Like crops, people thrive in the best conditions and this is what we provide. Our supportive and diverse environment helps people excel in both their fields and ours.

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The NIAB Group is the UK’s fastest growing crop science organisation, having trebled in size over the past decade through a strategic programme of investment, merger and acquisition.

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Keelings International

Here at Keelings, we ‘Love to grow’ and we’d love to get you growing too. We are passionate about what we do and we want your family to share our passion for fresh fruits of outstanding quality. We invite you to explore our site where we share health and nutritional information through our blog, recipes […]

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