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H F Produce Ltd

H F Produce are suppliers of prepared vegetables to bakeries, wholesale suppliers and the catering industry. Situated at Antony on the Rame Peninsula in South East Cornwall, they are a leading force in the production, procurement and sale of fresh top quality prepared vegetables. Prepared vegetables include potatoes, onion, swede and other vegetables washed, trimmed, […]

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Vitacress take great pride in being one of Europe’s leading suppliers of watercress, leafy salads, spinach and fresh herbs.

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Groobarb Wild Farms (Groobox)

Groobarb grow and deliver our vegetables to the local communities, bringing it back to local and away from commercial supermarkets.

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Agrovision is one of the world’s leading and fastest-growing producers and year-round suppliers of superfruits. We are a founder-led company with a mission to transform lives across the entire value chain and a vision to redefine our industry through the deployment of cutting-edge technology at scale. Our vertically integrated model – from our farms to your […]

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EC Drummond Group

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British Sugar

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The Summer Berry Company

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We cultivate more than crops. The skills and capabilities of our people make us what we are today: an industry leader. Like crops, people thrive in the best conditions and this is what we provide. Our supportive and diverse environment helps people excel in both their fields and ours.

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Worldwide Fruit

Worldwide Fruit Ltd is an International fruit marketing and distribution company focused on being customers’ first choice

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Riverford Organic Farmers

We want to do better than vague claims of social responsibility and greenwash. Read these articles to find out what we’re really doing to make Riverford sustainable.

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Produce World (Burgess Farms)

Their Burgess Farm Produce division grows and supplies a wide range of high quality fresh vegetables covering the following categories: Alliums – onions, leeks, garlic, shallots Roots – carrots, parsnips, beetroot, turnips, artichokes Potatoes – earlies, salad and main crop varieties including speciality and popular varieties as well as growing new potatoes all year round.

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Every day millions of people in the UK enjoy our oats, snacks, juices and beverages. The 4,500 strong team behind these household names is spread across our 10 UK sites including our Quaker oats mill in Cupar and, their Walkers crisp factory in Leicester – the largest crisp factory in the world.

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JEPCO Marketing Ltd

In 1946 Major John E Piccaver began farming in the abundantly fertile silt lands of South Lincolnshire. Joined by his son David in 1965 they embarked upon a mission to deliver exciting, vibrant and innovative products to an eager nation. By 1988, J E Piccaver & Co had become established as a pioneer in the […]

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They are experts in manufacturing and are proud of the investments they have made in their production facilities. They pack high quality fresh produce and prepare unique combinations of vegetables specifically to their customers’ requirements.

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Farm Fresh PO

The PO was formed in 1996 and its expansion has out performed the sector, demonstrating the success of the group, and also that the group has helped the members benefit by more than the individuals would have been able to achieve by themselves.

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Branston Potatoes

Branston’s produce expertise is unrivalled, and it’s why their retail, wholesale and food manufacturing customers put their trust in them. Whether they’re growing their own potatoes or partnering with some of the country’s best suppliers, they deliver exceptional products, on time, every time.

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Birds Eye

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Berry Gardens

Founded over 40 years ago, Berry Gardens is the UK’s leading berry and stone fruit production and marketing group with sales in 2018 of £317million, a market share in excess of 30% and a year round business supplying all of Britain’s leading retailers.

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Angus Soft Fruits

Angus Soft Fruits Ltd. was established in 1994 with the ambition to sell fruit directly to retailers and continually improve the product available to consumers. To provide a point of difference in the products available, in the mid-1990s an in-house research and development programme, Angus Soft Fruits Breeding Programme, was set up and this is […]

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AM Fresh UK

At AM FRESH Group, we are devoted to innovation and technology as the gateway to superior products delivered consistently. Our strong presence in FRESH spans an end-to-end operation in citrus, table grapes, tropical fruits and superfoods, plant-based fresh goods and flowers delivering comprehensive solutions for our strategic partners and global consumers.

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