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Yorkshire Botanicals Limited

Yorkshire Botanicals is a specialist grower of glasshouse crops, destined to the pharmaceutical industry. With sites in both East Yorkshire and West Sussex, the business has varying roles offered as placements, from hands-on agronomy-based tasks looking at crops or trials to more technical aspects such as collecting and logging samples for further analysis or preparing […]

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Varfell Farms

Varfell Farms is the worlds largest daffodil grower. Based in Cornwall regeneratively growing flowers and bulbs across 1,800ha for the multiple retailers in the UK and Europe. Land selection, micro climates, the maritime peninsular of West Cornwall and a variety portfolio of over 2,000 varieties allows them to continually supply their customers from Christmas to […]

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Tristram Plants

Walberton Nursery (founded in 1973 by David Tristram), Binsted Nursery (founded in 1978 by Rosemary Tristram) and Fleurie Nursery (founded in 1986 by Chris and Martine Tellwright), nestled between the South Downs and the southern coastal plain in West Sussex.

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Flamingo Group International

They specialise in growing their own products for their direct marketing businesses, this is what they call “vertical integration”. They are unique by offering a full-service to their customers from the farm all the way to the shelf.

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Double H

Double H strives to deliver the highest standard of indoor plants to the UK’s largest and leading supermarkets. We aim to keep ahead of the competition by analysing the latest trends in packaging, hardware and plant varieties, as well as conducting consumer research to make sure we are offering the customer ‘in demand’ and on […]

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