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JDM Food Group

JDM specialises in delivering innovative added value Chilled and Frozen product solutions for Retail, Manufacturing and Hospitality customers. They are passionate Foodies and believe that what you eat matters, that’s why they go to great lengths to ensure their ingredients whether whole head or added value in their sauces, dips & dressings delivers great flavour […]

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Frank Roberts Bakeries

Robert Roberts is born. Aged 11, he gets stuck into a bread baking and grocery apprenticeship, learning his trade from Robert Ramsbottom, a baker and flour dealer in Salford. He’s completely inspired by it all.

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Finsbury Food Group

Finsbury Food Group is a leading speciality bakery manufacturer. To achieve baking brilliance that makes every day special, they constantly raise quality and efficiency standards, and build long-term relationships with major multiple retailers and the foodservice channel.

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Ethical Food Company

Ethical Food Company is dedicated to supply Ethical Fresh Produce for everyone. Born out of being at the forefront of organic supply in the UK, their journey started over 30 years ago sourcing and supplying organic fresh produce to UK consumers and remains at their heart.

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