Established in 1993, GRIMME UK is a sales and service subsidiary of the GRIMME brand, known for its potato, beet and vegetable technology. GRIMME UK works both in collaboration with a dealer network and in some areas directly with customers through GRIMME’s retail outlets in Lincolnshire, Shropshire, Yorkshire and Scotland. The development of these sites has allowed GRIMME to offer a market-leading service and parts back-up, something the company prides itself on. At its core, GRIMME UK aims to be an integral partner to every grower in the root crop and vegetable sector. Working for GRIMME UK, you always feel like an integral part of the bigger picture, and our employees have a tremendous amount of pride in working for a market-leading business. There are always opportunities to learn and develop within the business. Being a family-run business of our size in this industry is becoming less common and so it is fundamental to us to continuously support our employees both on a professional and personal level, ensuring they feel valued and appreciated for their part in our success.


  • GRIMME is a family enterprise – today and in the future
  • Keep an eye on the big picture
  • Always Better – keeping our nose in front
  • Optimise the use of our cultural diversity
  • Trust and communication are the fundamentals of successful cooperation