The Green House Growers

The Green House Growers started as a small family business in 1977 but has developed rapidly, now set to grow over 12% of the UK’s tomatoes and 10% of the UK’s cucumbers in the next few years. Despite such significant growth, the business remains true to its values. The Green House Growers has continued to be at the forefront of pioneering sustainability, whether that’s using bumblebees for pollination, taking care over every drop of water or being the UK’s first growers to produce low carbon salad – with a reduced carbon footprint of up to 60%. With 85% of their energy requirements being provided by renewable energy sources, The Green House Growers are proud to lead the way to a brighter future of British food production. This is a business that has two new sites, with over £100 million of government investment, the new greenhouses are bigger than 26 football pitches and at the forefront of innovation. It’s a fantastic company with incredible opportunities.