New Logo

New Logo

MDS has experienced huge growth over the last two years. As the organisation enters a new chapter, we are pleased to reveal our new logo. The new logo is very different to our previous branding, however the message, values and mission that we have been delivering for the past 35 years are remaining strong. We are here to develop future leaders for the food and fresh produce industry.

The new logo focuses on the four different aspects of MDS, each represented by a different colour.

So what do the colours mean?






Serving the industry

We are here to serve the food and fresh produce industry. We support deliver for the industry as a whole not just through our tailored training programme but through our knowledge and promotion of the industry.





Serving our Members

We are here to serve our Members. MDS provide a first-class graduate programme and work in collaboration with our Members to benefit them in every way we can. We ensure they can recruit the right people and have access to the highest-calibre graduates. We also assist our Members through training and developing their own staff.






Serving our Trainees

One of the most important factors of MDS are our Trainees, we are here to develop and train potential. We are growing the future leaders of the food and fresh produce industry through tailored training, coaching and varied secondment experience.





Serving our Colleagues

Finally, we are here to serve our colleagues. We ensure a MDS staff experience the best culture possible through offering a huge amount of training and development opportunities. Our colleagues are what make MDS possible.

We are really looking forward to using our new logo to highlight the different aspects of MDS. We hope you like it too!