New Member: Agrovision offers secondments in Peru

New Member: Agrovision offers secondments in Peru

We’re pleased to announce that Agrovision, one of the world’s leading and fastest-growing producers and year-round suppliers of superfruits, has joined the MDS programme. With operations across the globe, the business’ first secondments are based in Peru, with travel opportunities to the Netherlands. Their first Trainees, group 48’s Max Pitman and group 49’s David Rix, will be carrying out Product Manager roles, and according to Chief Commercial Officer, the Trainees are already going from strength to strength:

“They have already had high profile visits with exposure to the CEO and co-founders. David and Max are getting their sleeves rolled up, helping to manage the big challenges of the season.”

Established in 2012, Agrovision executed its first commercial planting in Perú in 2015. Perú’s unique climate and abundant natural resources enabled the business to transform the barren desert into a farming oasis. Through developing high-value permanent crops with proven, rising global demand, Agrovision is bringing sustainable economic opportunities to individuals and communities in Peru and globally.

David and Max are enjoying their secondment so far:

There is a lot of variety in this role, we have the opportunity to work with many teams across the business, and we’re even learning some Spanish along the way. We’re currently based on their farm, which is part of a large irrigation project at the base of the Andes. We have been able to get away at the weekends and experience many of the different places and cultures Peru has to offer. We have plans to visit Machu Pichu close to Christmas. But before this, we are taking the opportunity to travel to many places in the north of the country.”

You can catch what Max and David are up to in Peru over on our Instagram page, where they are taking over for the month of September!