New Member: Jones Food Company (JFC) – Changing the way food is grown in the UK

New Member: Jones Food Company (JFC) – Changing the way food is grown in the UK

Jones Food Company have joined MDS as Members.

Oli Kaberry, the Chief Operations Officer at Jones Food Company, explains what it is like to operate an indoor vertical farming company that’s focused on using the latest technology to change how food is grown in the UK.

Who are JFC?

JFC uses indoor vertical farming to ensure it continues re-shoring food supply chains back to the UK, ensuring consumers have a locally grown, sustainably farmed food option. They grow fresh herbs and leafy greens that can be found in both supermarkets and the wholesale market.

Life with JFC

As a young company in a new sector, every day is a learning day. They remain excited by the challenge to make vertical farming an established part of the food supply chain. They promote individual accountability and focused work. Candidates that can deliver tasks effectively, collaborate and communicate clearly, and overall maintain a positive attitude in what is a busy sector are who JFC are looking for.

JFC Values

Hunger – First and foremost our job is to make locally grown high quality produce accessible to as many consumers as possible so they can enjoy a nutritious diet whilst helping the planet.
Humility – We have a lot to learn each and every day. We are brutally honest about what we can do now and what we need to become to achieve our future ambitions.
Humour – We use humour when things get tough and to keep our spirit alive. We take our work and our purpose very seriously, but we are rarely too serious about ourselves.
Hustle – We work intently, intentionally & commercially to achieve our goals. We partner with like minded organisations to scale our production. We never give up. We support each other at all times and find a way together.
Humanity – We are doing our bit for Earth and use science and common sense to help with the fight against climate change, reducing food miles, food waste and free up land to be rewilded. We encourage others to show up and make tangible progress in their businesses and lives.

Why MDS?

JFC joined the MDS programme due to it’s role in promoting the next generation of leaders in the food industry. In order for JFC to be around in 10-20+ years, we need to foster and grow the UK’s talent in vertical farming, and believe that engaging in this programme is he best way to provide opportunities for future leaders to do so. We will be offering Deputy Farm Manager secondments.

What’s Next?

Our newest Member, JFC, will be taking on their first Trainee in April and look forward to offering them exciting projects during their secondment.