New Members: Utilising Trainees across the entire supply chain

New Members: Utilising Trainees across the entire supply chain

We are happy to announce two new MDS Members. Keelings and Coregeo are two very different businesses, but both are already utilising MDS Trainees! We spoke to the businesses on how Trainees can adapt to organisations across the supply chain.

Coregeo Head of Marketing, Michelle Evans, spoke to us about how MDS fresh produce and supply chain Trainees can be utilised in a marketing and branding business and what makes MDS stand out.

Working at Coregeo 

“Coregeo is the UK’s leading fresh produce marketing and branding agency, working in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia. The work that Coregeo is doing, together with our great Licensee partners, is driving all our brands to achieve great success. 

Passion for and commitment to our brands, partners, and customers are our core values. We are continually asking ourselves how we can improve on what we do. Our company and the work we do is dynamic. We are constantly evolving and willing to explore new ideas, making it a very exciting place to work.” 

Why MDS? 

“We have long been aware of the MDS programme and how respected it is across the industry. The Trainees we have met have always impressed us, both in their capability and attitude. 

Coregeo is unique within the industry, especially within the retail environment. Our business has grown substantially, and we struggle to find candidates with suitable experience. MDS will offer the opportunity to increase awareness of professional consumer marketing within the sector and find excellent candidates for our team.”  

How will Coregeo utilise Trainees? 

“We are very excited to be welcoming our first Trainee to our PR and Social team. Coregeo intend to become a long-term Member and offer our Trainees the opportunity to work in a variety of departments. We hope that they may well consider joining the Coregeo family in the future. We’re confident that there will be considerable competition within our management team to have an MDS Trainee!” 

Head of People and Culture, Nicola Thomas, explained how Keelings, an Irish-owned family business, focused on growing, sourcing and fresh produce solutions, will support supply chain career progression through MDS.

Working at Keelings 

“We pride ourselves in having a clear purpose to guide values, People Matter, Teamwork, Integrity and Passion for Achievement. We practice a positive culture of learning and growth. Keelings recognise that our biggest assets are our people who strive for excellence every day and support one another to deliver the best results. We recognise and embrace the importance of all our colleagues and support our people to realise their potential and to be part of a winning team.” 

Why MDS? 

“We have previously worked with MDS and were very satisfied with the calibre of candidate. We feel that working in partnership with MDS is important for our growth by looking at our leaders of the future. As specialists in fresh produce, we can work together to give aspirational people the experience, confidence and training to ensure the continued success of our industry in the long term.” 

How will Keelings utilise Trainees? 

We will endeavour to deliver the best possible experience to all MDS Trainees, providing an all-round approach to their journey with us. Our aim is growing the partnership with MDS into the future with many more years of working closely and collaboratively to give trainees the experience and exposure to our business and industry that supports and nurtures their journey. 

We are delighted to have Coregeo and Keelings on the programme. Our Membership and the diverse fresh produce supply chain opportunities we can offer are continuing to grow. The MDS team, our Trainees and associates are excited to see how the scheme can develop.