Protolan: Fostering New Talent

Protolan: Fostering New Talent

Since becoming a Member, Protolan has worked in collaboration with MDS, offering graduates valuable first-hand project management and engineering experience in the food and drink manufacturing industry. They take pride in providing graduates the opportunity of practical, direct project management and engineering experience. No two projects, clients, or working days are the same, offering a range of experiences on various scales.

Why Protolan?

Working with a company like Protolan allows Trainees to develop a wide range of skills. They ensure that Trainees can engage in different projects and collaborate closely with experienced professionals in the food and drink industry. Their goal is to support young professionals in gaining practical experience and learning from passionate industry experts.

Protolan is committed to fostering new talent and is always on the lookout for the next generation to contribute to their success. By investing time and effort into their secondments, Protolan aim to challenge and expand perceptions while highlighting the exciting opportunities in the Food and Drink sector. Protolan’s satisfaction lies in equipping Trainees with the experience, training, and mindset needed for them to confidently advance in their careers.

The effectiveness of Protolan’s student program is evident in the number of individuals who choose to stay with the company. Over the years, they have had the privilege of welcoming Trainees into their team who have not only engaged with the business but have also developed a passion for the Food and Drink industry. This is a testament to Protolan’s belief in developing placement students and creating a unique learning environment for their growth.

Meet Ivan Erviti, an MDS alumnus, who is now a Project Engineer at Protolan and a valued member of the team.

To discover more about Protolan’s commitment to delivering excellence in Food and Drink Manufacturing, tune in to their video!