MDS joins IGD Reverse Mentoring programme

MDS joins IGD Reverse Mentoring programme

MDS has supported the leadership pipeline of the agri-food industry for over 36 years, and we’ve integrated mentoring into all areas of our business. We’re passionate about supporting fresh talent in the industry; that’s why we are so pleased to participate in the IGD Reverse Mentoring programme!

The IGD Reverse Mentoring Programme was launched in September 2021 and has already seen great success. Uniquely, the programme offers senior leaders in the food industry the opportunity to develop their understanding of what great inclusion looks like. A reverse mentor from an under-represented background can offer insights into their lived-in experience while growing their professional networks.

Reverse Mentoring & MDS

Having already seen the positive impacts of the programme through group 50 Trainee Louise Brook’s participation this month, MDS CEO Saffy Waterson is looking forward to joining the October intake as a mentee:

“I am very grateful for the opportunity and really looking forward to taking part in the IGD programme. MDS is a business that specialises in early careers recruitment and improving inclusivity in the food industry, so schemes like this are crucial to driving positive cultural change.

As a senior leader in the industry, I know that there are lots to learn from the next generation of managers, and the best way to do this is by listening and collaborating.”

New Trainee Aoife McGlade will also be joining the cohort to support leaders in taking action to drive change:

“Reverse mentoring is an incredibly powerful and positive tool that allows those who are underrepresented to share their thoughts, and experiences and develop a level of understanding with senior leaders. I want to be part of this initiative to do my bit to minimise the diversity gap and promote an inclusive workspace.

As a partially sighted individual, I want to help build transparency and openness between colleagues so those with a disability can feel comfortable explaining their needs and asking for support. Inclusion is born out of innovation, collaboration, and respect. I want to use this collaborative programme to harness the opportunity to increase awareness and engage in powerful discussions which lead to long-lasting inclusive change.”

You can find out more about the programme HERE.