Trainees to attend prestigious City Food Lecture & Future Generations Forum!

Trainees to attend prestigious City Food Lecture & Future Generations Forum!

How do we cultivate a future where everyone has access to nutritious food without compromising the health of our planet?

This year’s City Food & Drink Lecture, presented by population biologist, Director of the Oxford Martin School at Oxford University and leader of their Future of Food Programme, sets to provide some of these answers. That’s why we are so excited to announce that our excellent Trainees have been selected to attend the event and its Future Generation Forum.

The historic and prestigious City Food & Drink Lecture is the highlight of the year for the industry, providing the most critical insights for the food and drink sector. Now in its 22nd year, the CFDL brings together industry leaders, experts, and young minds to explore the challenges and opportunities in building a just, healthy, and sustainable food and drink system for future generations.

For young leaders, the Future Generations Forum is a crucial component of this remarkable event, designed to empower young professionals with knowledge, insights, and networking opportunities. This year, the forum will feature enlightening sessions from ABP and McDonald’s Progressive Young Farmers, who will share their expertise on careers and innovative practices. Attendees can connect with like-minded individuals and forge valuable connections within the industry.

Following the enriching discussions at the Future Generations Forum, we will move to the illustrious Guildhall, where MDS Trainees and CFDL guests will be privileged to attend the main Lecture. Set to be an impactful talk on the future of our industry, Sir Charles Godfray will deliver his lecture topic, “The shifting challenges in building a just, healthy and sustainable food and drink system.”

Thank you

The City Food & Drink Lecture stands as one of the most significant events in the food industry, attracting top professionals, thought leaders, and worldwide visionaries. It serves as a platform for discussing crucial issues, sharing valuable insights, and fostering collaboration to shape the future of our global food system. For our MDS trainees to be granted the opportunity to attend this distinguished event is a testament to their dedication, ambition, and potential.

At MDS, we take great pride in nurturing young talent and providing them with exceptional growth opportunities; we are confident that the knowledge, insights, and connections they gain from the CFL will propel them towards becoming catalysts for positive change in the food industry.

We want to thank the City Food Lecture team and John Giles for inviting us to participate in this distinguished event. We are excited to see how they will utilise this invaluable experience to support their member businesses and the wider industry to shape a more just, healthy, and sustainable future for all.