We are proud to support Agrespect

We are proud to support Agrespect

MDS are delighted to announce that they have signed the Agrespect pledge, promoting diversity in farming communities.

“We stand against prejudice and support rural LGBTQ+ diversity, inclusion and enablement”

We fully support Agrespect’s mission and belief that people live their best lives when they live authentically. Agrespect aims to promote diversity in rural communities and to share LGBTQ+ people’s stories, to demonstrate that being different should be celebrated and should not be a barrier to living and working in the countryside.

MDS works to supply food and fresh produce industry with young talent and we are proud to recruit graduates from a variety of backgrounds to increase diversity in the industry; those originally from a farming background as well as city-dwellers, varying ethnicities, religions, sexualities and academic backgrounds. We are therefore actively working with the belief that the industry needs diversity to continue to grow, and in today’s very challenging environment makes this need even more urgent.

To find out more about Agrespect, including other organisations that have signed the pledge, visit: https://agrespect.com/.