The MDS development programme has been running for over 37 years, and we believe in what we do. Since starting, we have developed over 500+ successful industry leaders, and we are pleased to be adding another future leader to the network who offers a unique perspective on the programme. Talent Acquisition Officer Tom Divers will be joining the leadership programme in Autumn, which is a testament to how invested the team are in the programme. We spoke to Tom about what made him decide to take the leap.

What was your career background before joining the MDS recruitment team?

I graduated in 2012 from the University of Lincoln with a degree in Drama. After working in operational roles within the water and construction sector, I qualified as a teacher in primary education.

What made you decide to start the MDS programme?

Being part of the MDS Talent Acquisition team, I am passionate about inspiring candidates to begin a career in the food supply chain. I think the opportunities available within the industry are exciting and have a real sense of purpose. The MDS programme is an excellent platform for people who may be unsure how to get from point A to B when starting or changing their careers. The leadership and management scheme launch in February 2022 was a lightbulb moment for me because it’s designed for people who have an established career but are looking for a change. The programme is perfect for those who have a wealth of experience and skills but no clear route on how to make the transition into a new industry. I was in this position when I left teaching, so with my knowledge of MDS and belief in the programme, it felt natural.

What skills do you think you can offer to MDS Members?

As a more established professional, I have a solid foundation of professional development within various business cultures. I am at a level that can offer more to an MDS Member, but at a stage where I am motivated to develop to the next step in my career progression.

Do you think that your experience in the recruitment team will help you?

I feel that my unique perspective can certainly support me on my MDS journey. I’ve been invested in the organisation since 2021 and understand how the process works. I am highly motivated to develop and learn from professionals in each secondment with an MDS Member, but I am also determined to demonstrate my value on the Leadership and Management scheme by seeking out opportunities to succeed in the wider life offered at MDS.

What are you most looking forward to?

This is difficult to answer – honestly, there are so many in MDS that I am looking forward to. If I narrowed it down to my top three, it would be:

  • Pushing my career to the next stage with the coaching available from the People Development Team
  • Working with a variety of different people and cultures
  • Gaining a well-rounded understanding of different sectors of the supply chain and directing my career in the direction of the sector I find my passion in