Dyson Farming

Dyson Farming is a family-owned business, with a vision to benefit future generations through a commitment to commercially viable and environmentally sustainable food production at scale. They strive to be industry leaders in efficient, carbon neutral, high technology food production, employing highly skilled, pioneering people and supported by research and development in ever-closer partnership with our parent company, Dyson. They see the future of agriculture as an exciting opportunity to improve the nation’s food security, health, and economic growth.


  • Strive to be authentic
  • Take responsibility
  • Be pioneering
Their values are mapped to their competencies and therefore guide the behaviours of their people. By living these values, they grow more nutritious and better tasting food, develop new ways of working, and discover new ways to engage with their consumers. But to successfully do this, Dyson must never be satisfied, never giver up, never stop innovating and never standstill.