EKHO Fresh is a joint venture between Minor Wier and Willis & Greenyard Fresh, with MWW being the larger shareholder. EKHO Fresh is a specialist business focusing on driving volume through our core categories, in particular stonefruit & topfruit. We continue to be recognised and respected for our industry expertise. EKHO Fresh cover apples, pears, peaches, plums, nectarines, cherries and grapes. Some of which is ripened and then packed into final customer packaging. Others are packed at source in the country of origin and can go directly to the customer or via our packing facility based in Birmingham. EKHO Fresh is a great company to work for as it is backed by two major fresh produce suppliers who are financially secure. Furthermore, the opportunities within the wider group in both companies are vast, from farms to the supply chain in the UK. There are senior managers and directors who will be able to mentor your career to help you achieve senior management levels.


  • Leadership - Integrity of our actions; we are all leaders and fully empowered.
  • Communication - Simple, concise and on time. This ensures that internal and external customers are always happy.
  • Teamship & Accountability - Equality of team, environment to succeed and develop.
  • Continuous Improvement - Identifying opportunities and challenging ourselves to improve them. We work with lean principles and want to ensure we reduce all of the eight wastes within our business.