Vitacress take great pride in being one of Europe’s leading suppliers of watercress, leafy salads, spinach and fresh herbs. Grown from their farms in the UK, Portugal and Spain, and from their glasshouses in the UK, the business works together to produce fresh leafy salads and herbs – all year round. They started in 1951 with ambition, determination and one precious acre of watercress beds in Alresford, Hampshire. They are now part of the RAR Group with a network of farms employing over 1500 people across Europe. Vitacress are expert growers, and they supply both own-label branded products to major supermarkets across Europe as well as their own brand premium quality SEASON herbs and prepared salad bags, Steve’s Leaves, directly to the consumer. Vitacress are proud of being at the forefront of food innovation, always developing ways to make their premium product tastier whilst ensuring the business produces a great quality and sustainable product. 1,500 people work together across the business to produce their premium produce from farm to fork. Collectively, Vitacress expert growers have over 400 years of experience between them. The business is looking for people who can bring a diversity of thinking to enhance our expertise and passion.


Vitacress is all about growth – it’s at the heart of the business. And they know a key ingredient to successful business growth is people.
  • Always deliver quality; this is about taking pride in all the business does to help set the best possible standards,
  • Do the right thing; behaviours that inspire Vitacress to lead with compassion as a business,
  • Nurture the future; focused on always improving – as individuals and improving products.