MDS Trainees Step Up for Farm Safety and Mental Health

MDS Trainees Step Up for Farm Safety and Mental Health

When you think about farming and agriculture, your first thoughts might be growing crops and delivering fresh produce to a growing population in an environmentally friendly manner. But at MDS, we know that the well-being of the people in agriculture is just as important as the crops they tend. This belief has inspired MDS Trainees to go the extra mile – 1 million steps to be precise – in fundraising efforts for a cause that directly affects our community: The Farm Safety Foundation, also known as Yellow Wellies. You can donate via JustGiving NOW.

Who are Yellow Wellies? 

Yellow Wellies is a foundation devoted to the safety and well-being of the farming community. Farming might seem idyllic to outsiders, but it’s a profession fraught with risks—be it the operation of heavy machinery, exposure to harsh weather conditions, or the mental toll of isolation and financial pressures. Yellow Wellies aims to mitigate these risks by offering a range of support, working tirelessly to: 

  • Educate: Offer safety courses, workshops, and online resources aimed at farmers and agri-food workers, tailored to the specific challenges farmers face. 
  • Raise Awareness: Highlight the importance of mental health and health and safety in farming communities. 
  • Support: Provide a helpline and other means of direct support to farmers In need.  

Their work is a lifeline for many navigating this challenging yet vital sector. 

TAG’s Million-in-a-Month 

The month-long event, spearheaded by TAG (Trainee Action Group), encourages MDS trainees to participate in a series of walks and hikes across the UK and Europe throughout September.  

TAG is a representative body of MDS trainees, committed to supporting their peers and making a positive impact in the industry. 

As future leaders in the agri-food sector, MDS and TAG recognise that physical activity is closely linked to mental well-being. In a challenging environment like agriculture, where stress and mental fatigue are commonplace, it is crucial to promote mental health. 

TAG aims to support the incredible work done by the Farm Safety Foundation while promoting the benefits of physical activity for mental well-being. 

Let’s Take a Step in the Right Direction: How to Get Involved 

Agriculture has one of the highest rates of occupational fatalities and injuries. The stress and mental health toll are equally concerning but less discussed. Supporting Yellow Wellies means taking a stand to rectify this, to make farming a safer and more mentally sustainable profession. 

Every penny raised through this event will go directly to Yellow Wellies, fuelling their continuing efforts to protect and educate our agricultural communities. By donating, you are not just supporting a charity but investing in the safety and mental health of the people who feed the nation. 

Your support means the world to us. Together, we can take 1 million steps towards better mental health and safer farming communities to cultivate not just healthy crops but healthy minds. Thank you for being part of this important journey.

To contribute, please visit the JustGiving page. Every step and every penny counts!