Meet the Trainees Awards

Meet the Trainees Awards

Meet the Trainees

Meet the Trainees (MTT) is a valuable networking opportunity for MDS Trainees. It is also a unique benefit that is exclusive to all MDS Members. The event offers Member organisations the opportunity to present their business to future leaders in food and fresh produce. It is a chance for Trainees and Members across the industry to come together and discuss secondments and career aspirations.

The event also celebrates the success of our Trainees and the support of our Members. In the most recent MTT awards ceremony, we were proud to present the Doug Henderson Award for professional development to Orla Matthews. Weronika Pawlowska also received the David Bagshaw Apprenticeship Award for her success on the Level 5 Leadership and Management training programme.

Doug Henderson Award

TraineesOrla received the Doug Henderson Award for her can-do professional attitude. The group 46 Trainee has received excellent reviews in every secondment and has left a lasting impact in the Member organisations she has worked with. In a previous secondment, she spearheaded a recycling project that saved the Member over £150 per tonne in waste removal costs. She championed the project across four different sites, sourcing external businesses, arranging transport and training staff in the changes.

On top of this, she constantly seeks out new development opportunities for herself and other Trainees. As a founding member of TAG, she facilitates Trainee networking and peer support. Orla is a perfect example of the MDS type and is a role model for other Trainees.

David Bagshaw Award

TraineesWeronika Pawłowska received the David Bagshaw Award for fully embracing all aspects of her apprenticeship training. She consistently achieves a high level of work, demonstrating a clear understanding of all topics. The MDS apprenticeship programme is designed to develop knowledge and push Trainees to put theory into practice which Weronika has evidenced in her secondments. She always stretches herself beyond the curriculum and is proactive in seeking further development, embracing all opportunities.

Peter Shepherd Award

We also present the Peter Shepherd Award to a Member or secondment manager who has exceeded expectations. This time, secondment manager Justin Fletcher, Agriculture Supply Chain Manager at British Sugar, received the award. Justin has continuously supported Trainees and pushed them out of their comfort zone to learn.  He is wholly supportive of the entire secondment process and is always willing to support the MDS Team when it comes to start dates and handovers.  Justin is a positive influence on all Trainees that he comes into contact with and receives amazing feedback without exception.  Recently, whilst looking to take on a Trainee, Justin, recognising that it was difficult for a Trainee to travel, undertook a 3 ½ hour car journey so he could meet and discuss a potential role with them. He is an excellent advocate for MDS and we would like to say thank you for his support. 

We want to congratulate all of our award winners and thank all of the event attendees. MDS are passionate about development and love to celebrate Member and Trainee success. We look forward to seeing how our Trainees can develop in the next 6 months and will continue to work closely with our Members to support the growth of their leadership pipeline.