New Member: Carr’s Billington – Supporting the Success of Agriculture

New Member: Carr’s Billington – Supporting the Success of Agriculture

We are proud to welcome Carr’s Billington to MDS!

Carr’s Billington share our passion for supporting the future of agriculture and from their bases in the North of England, they hope to guide farm businesses through to success. We spoke to their People Director, Lindsay Muers, who explained why the company wanted to be part of the MDS community.

Who are Carr’s Billington?

In our commitment to rural and agricultural communities, we offer our support to ensure their success. Whether the customer is a farmer looking to maintain a healthier herd or achieve higher crop yields, or a landowner seeking a better return on their property, we have the expertise, products, and services to reach the desired outcomes. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that rural life presents, and our dedicated team is here to provide a helping hand whenever needed. With a focus on personalised guidance, our mission is to be the trusted partner on the path to a more prosperous future for agriculture.

Our values:

  • Integrity- Act with transparency and honesty

  • Quality- Our high standards ensure the best product or service for the customer

  • Respect- Finding value in each individual perspective

  • Trust- Fostering a positive work environment

Life with Carr’s Billington

In a constantly evolving industry, we understand the need to be flexible and adaptable- Carr’s Billington operates at a fast pace and driven by ideas. We maintain an open culture that allows our team members to excel and reach their full potential. We are always on the lookout for individuals who share our interest in the sector and want to contribute to our dynamic team.

Why MDS?

Our organisation recognises two vital needs: talent identification and succession planning. We face the challenge of replacing the experience of our senior employees and see MDS’s ability to attract younger talent as crucial for the sector.

We view a partnership with MDS as the ideal starting point. This collaboration enables us to provide structured mentorship and practical exposure to new graduates. By combining seasoned insights with fresh perspectives, we aim to fortify our sector for success in an ever-evolving landscape, fostering a diverse and sustainable future.