Springing into action: Secondment changeover season data for insight into top business roles

Springing into action: Secondment changeover season data for insight into top business roles

Spring is in the air, and MDS is amid its busy secondment changeover season. This exciting time sees new trainees placed into secondment roles while others complete their apprenticeship training and move on to the next stage of their careers.

MDS is leading the way in management training and recruitment solutions for the food and fresh produce industry. Our comprehensive data collection across all roles provides invaluable insights for businesses seeking to optimise their use of our schemes and gain valuable insights into the types of roles Members are offering. It’s an excellent opportunity for businesses to gain valuable insights and plan their secondment roles for the next season.


Our spring secondment changeover season data for 2023 has been released, and it offers fascinating insights into the types of roles and locations trainees have been placed in. The data revealed that over 95 roles were placed within 41 different companies across the UK, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Peru.

The top 3 most popular secondment roles were Commercial, Technical and Marketing. These roles were in high demand, and businesses need to understand why they are so popular and how they can utilise them in their own operations.


Commercial roles have become increasingly popular in recent years as businesses recognise the importance of developing strong relationships with customers and suppliers. Technical roles, on the other hand, have always been in high demand as the agri-food, fresh produce, and horticultural industry continues to evolve rapidly. Marketing roles have also become increasingly important, as businesses seek to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace.

The data also revealed that trainees were placed in a variety of locations, which is excellent news for businesses with multiple sites or a global presence. This highlights the flexibility and adaptability of Members, which is essential in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Apprenticeship Results

Another fascinating insight is that the leaving group completed the programme with a 100% distinction rate in their apprenticeship training results. This achievement is a testament to the high standards of training and development provided by MDS, and it’s something that businesses can aspire to achieve when working with MDS Members.

So, what can businesses learn from the spring secondment changeover season data? It’s essential to understand the types of roles that Members are offering and recognise the adaptability of Members and how they utilise the programme.