New Member: Groobox “bringing it back to local”

New Member: Groobox “bringing it back to local”

Get ready for some exciting news! We are thrilled to announce that Groobox (Groobarb Wild Farms) has joined forces with MDS Ltd.

Groobox Groobox/Groobarb Wild Farms promotes sustainable and environmentally-friendly farming by supporting local communities to eat fresh. We spoke to the business about why they decided to join MDS.

Who are Groobox?

Nine years ago, we attended our first farmer’s market to sell the vegetables we grew on the farm. Back then, there was no gateway to drive into the farm, no buildings, no power, no water, no drains, and no internet. Nothing was on our land apart from the veg growing we planted earlier that summer.

All that has been attained since then has been down to the hard work of a few, the dedicated team and the customers that believed in what we said and what we are trying to do.

Fifty years ago around Manchester and Cheshire, there were hundreds of farms and market gardens supplying fruit and veg to local people. The revolution of supermarkets ended this small, growing community that fed the Northwest. By 2012 only one small veg farm remained in Cheshire growing lettuce, and a few more were hanging on by a thread. The whole community was nearly lost.

So we came along, and our purpose was to change that; some farmers thought we were mad and said it was all impossible, well that was only fuel to our mission, and we now grow and deliver our vegetables to the local communities, bringing it back to local and away from commercial supermarkets. Making sure the way of environmental farming gets bigger.

What is life at Groobox like?

We like to promote a happy, positive and inspiring environment for our staff, to create a place where you want to get up and make a difference each day. We like you to feel part of the ‘Groobox family’ creating something special for the local community.

We look for people who have a general interest in this industry and the way we grow our produce and who are enthusiastic and passionate about what we do. People who are honest, down to earth and show they can work independently or as part of a team.

We are not a large company, so we care for each individual who chooses to work at Groobox.

Why did you join MDS?

We hope to help MDS Trainees gain experience in a new sector within a management and operations role. Trainees will also be able to get involved with different aspects of the business to give them a wider understanding and more knowledge to help them carry out the role. Our current Trainee will also be given a dedicated side project.

It’s great to be a Member of MDS so that we have a great platform to help us find the right person for any future secondments that may be required.