Announcement: Important updates to Meet the Trainees

Announcement: Important updates to Meet the Trainees

Following a hugely successful June event and our largest-ever Meet the Trainees to date, we have some big updates for MDS Members.

After trialling a new careers-fair format, allowing Members the opportunity to talk about their business rather than just specific secondments, we received outstanding feedback from those who attended. As a result, it has been decided that MTT will become an annual event in June.


Our next Meet the Trainees event will take place on Monday 19th June, at the East Midlands Conference Centre.


Members will be invited to submit their secondment requests in early January for April starts and attend MTT in person in June for October starts.


Member and Trainee feedback was clear. It is much more valuable and impactful to meet face-to-face with richer opportunities to network and discuss industry insights.

Going forward, we will be taking a careers-fair approach, which we have found is the best possible way to allow Trainees and Members to find out more about each other and network. In support of the scheme, MDS Trainees and to most effectively promote your business to the future leaders of the industry, we are asking all Members to attend once per year. Recruitment is a huge challenge for our industry, and the event will be your chance to directly promote your business to over 120 Trainees who have identified that they are passionate about pursuing a career in the industry and want our Member companies to be a part of that career journey. The event will be an exclusive, unmissable opportunity for Members to spot rising stars and follow their careers through to permanent roles whilst also allowing them to create an impactful and positive impression on our future leaders.

We look forward to seeing you all and will release more updates very soon.